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Namsan means “South Mountain”. It is a famous natural park with the beautiful, panoramic views and its iconic Namsan Tower, located in the middle of the Seoul city. Namsan is the symbol of Seoul embracing the past and the present of Korea, a place where all generation enjoy to visit. We brought this modern spirit of Namsan and its nostalgy to Kreuzberg, Berlin with a mission to serve a healthy and delicious Bibimbap and Korean dishes with a modern twist. Hope to see you again and enjoy at Namsan Berlin!

Panoramic views

Namsan Tower in Seoul, Korea

Delicious Korea
Delicious Namsan

Authentic Korean recipe and fresh daily homemade  for healthy and delicious foods. You can enjoy special Bibimbap and Korean classic menus with wines.

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean food which is a bowl of rice served with various sautéed and seasoned vegetables and marinated meats, mix with your flavored sauces from soy sauce to gochujang sauce.

It is a globally recognized healthy food which is rich in flavor and nutrition. You can enjoy Bibimbap in a classic bowl or in a hot stone bowl. (DolSot).

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